Guide Map

Guide Map

A. Experimental Elementary School of Agriculture

  • Aquaponics Pond

    Do you believe that fish can plan vegetables? Moreover, a fishpond can also become a power generator! Come to visit “Aquaponics Pond”! We will teach you how to make those recycled materials in daily become various ecology landscapes.

  • The Wizard of Oz – Agriculture Education & Orienteering

    We invite you to save the earth with us! Come to join the most exciting role play game and adventure. You will get the most interesting lesson via the process of advancing levels and completing the mission.

  • Best Choice of Yilan Agricultural Products

    Do you know the details of checking system for “Best Choice Yilan agricultural products”? And the breed of rice and its nutrition? Here you can know more about Yilan best choice rice.

  • Green Shops

    Here we gather the pesticide-free Yilan agricultural products to make the most reliable food shop in Taiwan, including the local Green Shops in Dongshan Township. Enjoy the shopping here!

  • House of Nature Music


B. 大地藝術區

  • Sea of Flowers – Theme Landscape

    Artists and farmers use flowers in varied colors to demonstrate the vision of environment protection. They also make rice bags and pots become

  • Rice-Duck Farming

    Have you eaten the rice planted by ducks? These duck farmers not only eliminate insects, but also provide nutrition. Come to the expo and you will see those cute ducks in the rice field.

  • Sea of Flowers – Art Installation

    Begs of rice implies to the vision of good harvest.
    Visitors can play and take a rest on the hills covered by bags of straws.

C. Ecoark Area

  • Ecoark Paradise

    Except to get knowledge and practice Acts of Green, young people can do some physical activities in Ecoark Paradise. You can know more Yiland via moving the body and using the brain. The trip of the expo will satisfy your body and mind.

  • Song of the Wanderers

    There is a lot of driftwood on Yilan seashore after a typhoon. Do you know how the driftwood becomes? Here you can see the journey of these wanderers and you will be amazed by the creative power of nature. Come to appreciate the beauty of driftwood and join DIY class!

  • Nature Apocalypse

    Do you know that Taiwan indigenous peoples regard gray-cheeked fulvetta as a fortuneteller? The living experience and wisdom with nature is the cultural heritage of Taiwan indigenous peoples. The creations of artists make a spectacular nature apocalypse.

  • Protector of Ecoark

    Have you tried to make a better world for the living creatures in nature? Welcome to be a protector of Ecoark! Here you can build the hotels for bees, make secret bases for bats, and recreate a wetland ecosystem. Don’t miss the chance to complete such meaningful mission!

  • Turtle Village

    Welcome to Turtle Village! Here we discuss the issue of ocean waste via the adventures of rescuing sea turtles, exploring trash soup and ghost fishing. You can also enjoy the reading of picture books and try the workshops. Come to find the way home with sea turtles!

  • Chaotic World – Invasive Species

    Nowadays many alien species invade our environment. How these invasive animals and plants have changed and made influences on Taiwan environment? You will find the answer here.